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1861 Project "The Soldier's Dream" - Marty Stuart

Find out more: http://1861project.com Download this song: http://1861project.com/store The 1861 Project is a collection of new, original songs inspired by st...

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Comment by terri luther on September 19, 2011 at 6:37am

Good DavidMichael

The Soldiers Dream is beautiful! thank you and Marty for putting it out there.

terri luther

Comment by DavidMichael Caldwell on September 11, 2011 at 6:46pm

I ride with the 7th Tennessee Cavalry, which is a rare group of men and horses, that demon strate the life and times of a cavalry soldier during the Civil War.  We travel all over the Eastern United States living and riding as authentic as possible.  We are very poor as we travel with nothing but what we can carry on ourselves and our horses.  We live the life of a soldier that, one day, may have given his life in this war.  We left our families and loved ones, maybe to never return, to fight for something we all believed in.  

Marty Stewart sings a song here, called..."The Soldiers Dream".  Listen to the words, feel what the are saying...then close your eyes and imagine.  This dream did not only appear in yesteryears soldier, but all those soldiers that have fought and died for this Country you live in today.  I ask that you do not take your Freedom lightly or for Granted, for I too was once a soldier with the same dream.

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