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At 3:25pm on August 02, 2011, Tennessee Horse Properties gave Judi West a gift
At 7:33am on March 22, 2010, Beth Lowry said…
Sounds good. Will make a note to call as time gets closer. Thanks!
At 1:35pm on March 15, 2010, Beth Lowry said…
Hi Judy. Always looking for people in Franklin to ride with. Let me know if you want to do a day ride at Percy Warner or somewhere else close. Thanks.
At 10:58pm on January 23, 2010, Ron Eldridge said…
Judi, did you see my video, of Lady Kimberlite "Kim". Kim is Judybob, and
Jewel's mother. She was bare foot and had not had a bit in her mouth, or
a saddle on her back for about 6 mos., also towards the end that little filly
running around is Judybob at about 2 mos. old
At 12:17pm on January 18, 2010, Linda (wheelbilly) said…
Judi, I wish your husband the best, and he has a safe return. Until this weather breaks, I won't be riding. I am a fair weather rider !!! I will get in touch with you, when I do saddle up and head out. Tyee is also a pretty horse, I like his coloring. Hope you enjoy the time with you're company.
At 11:01pm on January 15, 2010, David & Sheila Woody said…
Judi, There is not an exact address for this ride and I would suggest not using a gps it would take you on a road that is closed. from columbia take hwy 7 towards dickson turn left on water valley road and follow trail ride signs.If you need to call my cell 215-4105 or 626-2619
At 7:53pm on January 11, 2010, Linda (wheelbilly) said…
Nizhoni is a pretty horse. I like that name, its unique
At 7:44pm on January 11, 2010, Linda (wheelbilly) said…
There were ALOT of riders this year, unfortunately I was not aloud to ride my horse, so I rode in a wagon, pulled by two black mules, in our group we had 3 wagons, and we drove them into town. I was in the back wrapped up in a sleeping bag FREEEZING. I have never been as cold ridin my horse, as I was sitting in a wagon, but I enjoyed it and will do it again
At 12:08pm on January 10, 2010, Linda (wheelbilly) said…
Thanks, Judy. I do ride Normandy ALOT, and attend as many benefit rides that I can. I'm sure we will meet on the trails - somewhere, I'll keep you posted as to where I'm hittin the trails at. But, I am a fair weather rider, so during the winter I only ride in the Christmas Parade here in Shelbyville, and New Year's Day, (I missed New Years Day, due to the cold and I had not rode since November 1 due to having surgery, still just a lil to sore)
At 11:39am on December 30, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Hey Judi, I just read that the New Year's day ride at The Why Not Ranch is cancelled due to cold temps and high winds forcast.
At 10:10am on December 13, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
I hope things have settled down for you!!!! If you need my help with anything,just let me know!!!! Did you see the drunk lady riding her horse in the Shelbyville Christmas Parade??? I read where they found her slumped over her horse at a motel !!! How embarrassed will she be ,from now on, I wonder if she was a local person. Maybe she drank to much trying to stay warm!!!! HA-HA!!! Well take care and try not working to hard,have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! Love You Guys,Audrey
At 9:07pm on December 11, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Wow,Thanks for the update!!!!! Your car!!!!! Oh my Gosh!!!!! You have been busy!!!!Take care and be careful,Audrey
At 8:27pm on December 10, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Hey Judi, What's going on girl? Is your hubby out of town? How's every body doing?Have you been working hard lately? I miss hearing from you!!!!! I'll miss Eric,I planned on taking him riding one day. How's your horses? It's starting to get way to cold to ride!!!!! Hopefully we will have some warmer days ahead.But Spring will be here before we know it!!!!!Keep in touch and have a Merry Christmas!!! Love,Audrey
At 3:48pm on December 7, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Glad to hear that the parade went well,that could scare some horses!!! I had a very interesting trail ride this weekend as well,check out my photo's page to see what I'm talking about!!!! Whoopie!!!!! I took Karma cause P'zazz was to dirty, Karma did so good she gaited like a dream all day.Me and Kristen had so much fun!!!! It was very cold all day and everyone's horses were so frisky,I think two or three people came off their horses before the ride even started. I also got to meet Ramsey Bullington and his wife,Ramsey has won the World Grand Championship at the Celebration a few times. Awesome!!! Take care,Audrey
At 6:21pm on December 3, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Hey Judi, I went down there today and volunteered. They will be sending the horses to different places and then you can adopt them from those places. I can't afford to keep any more horses even if I wanted too!!!! Those horses are being very well taken care of right now. They are starting to feel better and most are looking a little better. I would like to be able to go down there more and help,but I can't afford the gas it takes. I can't wait until tomorrow,so I can give all my horses a big hug!!!!!!! Who's hauling you to the parade? The lady that owns the barn your boarding at? Is she going with you? Have fun!!!! Love,Audrey
At 12:47pm on December 2, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Hey Judi, I have ridden in the Shelbyville parade several times,it's a lot of fun. I read where they are charging like $5.00 a horse to ride now. It use to be free!!!!! Have fun and let me know how you liked it,you will need all those warmer clothes!!!!HA-HA!!!!! I want to go tomorrow and help out with those 84 horses,hopefully they will let me know if I can,today. So when are you gonna be able to go riding again????? I plan on riding this weekend at the Ben Lazenby Memorial benefit ride,Billy Ray Cyrus is suppose to be there!!!!!! Whoopieeee!!!!! Anyways be careful and have fun,Love ya,Audrey
At 9:24pm on November 29, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody said…
Hey Judi, What's up girl? Did you ride this weekend? We did at Fountain Creek,it seems they have cleaned it up a little. There is still a few muddy spots here and there. It was such a beautiful day to ride!!!!! I want to go to the benefit ride next weekend,and possibly see Billy Ray Cyrus there!!!!! We'll see how things go,and how the weather is!!!! Miss you and hope all the best for you,Audrey
At 4:13pm on November 25, 2009, Judi West added a gift to their profile…
At 3:40pm on November 25, 2009, Audrey Faye Rody gave Judi West a gift
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Judi and Family!!!!!!
At 8:26pm on November 23, 2009, Kristen Woosley said…
Hey Judi,
I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in -law:( I'm glad you got to ride and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. I haven't ridden since WNR. I've been so busy with work and school. I'm off this week and of course it rained today. I hope we can ride together soon.
Take care,

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