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At 7:32am on December 21, 2008, Aggie Bane said…
All Saddlebreds trot. Many saddlebreds have the ability to slowgait and rack as well (5-Gaited) By "ability" that means they are very easy to train to learn those 2 new gaits. And, just because they can be trained to rack doesn't mean they can do it at "show ring quality!"(LOL!) . There are also 'naturally gaited" Saddlebreds, which prefer to rack to any other gait. These are usually considered unacceaptable for the show ring, but these "rejects" would be great for the trails. Compared to other horses in my life, TB's AQHA, arabs-the saddlebreds have had the most comfortable gait at the trot. I can sit to his slow trot easily, but I prefer to post the long trot. When he throws in a rack occasionally I love it, it is smooth like the running walk of TW or a SSH
And really, ASB's are usually fairly inexpensive, unless you are buying for show. They often end up in low level auctions, I think because people don't know what they are.
At 9:28am on November 20, 2008, Cindy Evans said…
Hey Mike, I've got a total of 27 acres if your interested in driving to Franklin. I only have 6 horses right now and do not plan to take on anymore. I also have a 10 stall barn that is only used when it's cold and rainy. Give me a call if your interested 972-3039
At 5:16pm on November 18, 2008, Adrienne Walsh said…
Hey Mike, I just came across some land advertised on craigs list. Doesn't say how much land is available, but is in Franklin area. The number is 615-400-8661. Hope it helps, but will keep looking. Adrienne
At 8:01pm on October 26, 2008, Karen said…
Hey Mike - I couldn't help but join a network where I found a ranch and winery all in the same location - Bellaterra. I ride most weekends and will keep a look out on this site for rides I may be able to join.
At 6:48am on September 17, 2008, Helen Cary said…
Hello Mike. It is Bowie Nature Park. It is 5 minutes from my house, so I ride there a lot, and I love it. The trails are maintained by the Park staff, and they shut them down in wet conditions to prevent damage, so call before you come. Also, they have a $2.00 fee for riders from out of the local Zip. I often pay it , just because I enjoy the park so much. The trails are shared use, with bikes and hikers. Not a problem for my horses, the bikers are for the most part very courtious and safety oriented. I think there will be a St Jude ride there on the 27th of this month. I hope to see you there...

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