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At 11:28am on June 28, 2009, LFALTL said…
ooooo you make an interesting point. i have a plan, but its long winded and wont be happening for a few years. however, you are right, things work in mysterious ways, and a few years down the road we may be able to sort something out Am. Jack wise!

I will keep you posted on my dates:)

At 6:30am on June 28, 2009, LFALTL said…
thanks so much! Yes I did. I cant call right now, since I am in england. I am hoping to be back in TN by Fall but its all up in the air right now... I thought it was sorted so I thought I could start organsing events and whatnot...
I dont know if I will be able to come to your event yet, and I probably wont know for certain til the end of august!
I hope I can though!
At 5:12pm on June 24, 2009, LFALTL said…
Long time no chat, I know, I was just wondering where I would find more details on your mule clinic in sept in martin tn? or any other clinics you may be having!!

At 10:40pm on May 18, 2009, Neigh Neigh said…
Ok Deb I will check into the group when I have more time. And THank YOU so much for the info. I hope I can ask you a few questions when the time comes?
In advance thanks!
Rena' & ALvin
At 8:28pm on May 15, 2009, Neigh Neigh said…
Hi Deb,
This was our 1st mule. We just had our 2nd one foal yesterday. Both horse mules and both out of TWH mares. We are already enjoying them. Sequatchie is in Marion County TN. Near Jasper TN, about 45 mins outside of Chattanooga. We just looked at your pictures. You have some really beautiful animals.
Alvin & Rena'
At 7:19am on May 6, 2009, Bob said…
deb just wondering how jim doing hope to ride with yall soon
At 8:15am on March 2, 2009, julie said…
Deb, how is Jim? We are planning a ride to LBL, will ya'll be up for it?? Hopefully in Mid April or first of May.
At 9:52am on February 17, 2009, julie said…
Hey Deb, how is Jim feeling? Hope you are both doing ok, if ya'll need anything, or if Susan needs help let us know.
At 10:49am on February 10, 2009, Bob said…
how is jim doing i pray that he heals fast and hope to ride with again soon
At 12:22pm on February 5, 2009, LFALTL said…
I meant to say giving to pressure, not yielding.
Why do they call it leg yielding then, when doing it from the saddle? hmm.
At 12:20pm on February 5, 2009, LFALTL said…
She was skinny when we got her, but not drastically so. I think she is OK now, its hard to tell just by looking because her winter coat is incredibly long and shaggy! She gets wormed once every 3 months.
She eats a 12% dry grain feed once a day, supplemented with some biotin for her hooves, and in the summer months, some garlic.

She has acess to a round bale of grass hay, supplemented with various different varieties of higher protien hay in smaller quantities, depending on what we can get hold of- alfalfa, timothy/ orchard grass, bermuda etc.

She stands perfectly for the farrier, its great. Our equines are all barefoot, and I belive our trimmer has experience with Mules. I seem to remember asking if there was anything different with barefoot horses and mules, and the reply was that essentially no, but that she would pay attention to the wear on her feet and trim accordingly.

I have the book "storeys guide to training horses" and have been doing most of the ground work stuff in that with her. She is great on the halter, will stand tied, and has been desensitised to things like, saddle pads on her back, random bridles being held near her face, (anything i could think of that might be useful) I have taken her for walks along a minor road, so she is ok with bikes and cars. Getting her used to the clippers was "fun" !!! and took some time. She still wont let me trim between her ears! She lets me play with her ears though!
OH, I have worked on flexing exercises, and yielding to pressure with my hand on her shoulder and butt- what else??!! She backs up to a jiggle on the halter and "shh" noise..... haha... sorry. Its great to have info from someone who can tell me if i am doing the right thing or not, because I really dont know! I am not experienced at all with horses, let alone mules. It just seemed like a fun thing to do- have a Mule LOL, but I love it!
I now have clinton andersons book full of things to do! thats next (perhaps when the weather warms up a bit)

thanks for all the info!
At 11:04am on February 5, 2009, LFALTL said…
Thanks so much for all that information. It's fascinating stuff.
I do have another question though!
What would you suggest feeding a 14month old mule?

The parentage is iffy, since, she was bought from a boy who didnt really know anything about mules, and can only tell us what the previous owner told him, he didnt even see her at her previous home, his father picked up the mule etc!

He told us, the mare was a TWH about 15hh and the father was a "big" gaited jack. However, I take this with a pinch of salt!

She appears to gait at leisure in the pasture, (approx overstride of 6-8inches since one day she did it in the mud!) and sometimes when halter training. She does trot too though.
Oh, and I will definatly try to come to your clinic! It sounds great. September is a bit far away to plan for me though!
At 3:27pm on February 4, 2009, LFALTL said…
I have tried to search mule growth information online, and failed. It looks as though you must know your stuff!
I understand it depends on the parentage, but is there a general rule as to when mules stop growing?
We have a young one, who is about (not sure since she had already been traded a couple of times when we got her) 14-16 months old, and around 13hh. I am trying to guess what height she will mature at!!
Any ideas? Thanks!
At 12:32pm on February 4, 2009, Bertie said…
Dear Deb:

The calendar team is considering using the following photo(s) from those you posted on the TTR site in the TTR calendar.

Please e-mail the original digital file(s) of these photos to roberta.lehman@gmail.com. Please do not email photos through the TTR site, but send them directly to the gmail account above.

Photo resolution needs to be 150 dpi or higher for printing. Please submit the requested photos by the end of the day February 8, 2009.

Thanks so much for your participation in the TTR calendar project.

Roberta Lehman
At 11:20am on February 2, 2009, julie said…
Hi Deb! You have to tell me about your jacks. Do you have anything gaited? I have been to your farm( I am a paramedic-don't know if you remember) Anyway, I have a little mare I would like to raise a mule from. Let me know what you have, I work in Martin and could stop by some time.
At 10:00pm on January 31, 2009, Mike Murphy said…
Howdy Deb, thanks for joining Tennessee Trail Riders. We look forward to your "horsey" pictures that you can post and share with others on our website. Also try your hand at posting events, videos and trail ratings. Feel free to invite friendly trail riders and horse lovers by clicking on "INVITE" on the main menu (top right corner of the main page).

I hope this site is helpful in meeting new riding buddies. Keep an eye on the EVENTS section announcing trail rides and equine events featuring and including our members.

Again, thanks for joing the website, we look forward to meeting you.

Cheers and happy trails,
Mike Murphy
Bellaterra Ranch
Franklin, TN

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