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What is the best way to clean and deoderize your saddle pads?

I would really like to know the best way to clean my saddle pad. I have taken it to the car wash before and used to sprayer on it but its getting colder out and that would take forever to dry. I would posssiblly need it for the next weekend, any suggestions would be greatly appreciatied..also anytips for the smell...

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Comment by Nancy Ave on October 20, 2010 at 5:33pm
Christie, it really depends on the type pad you use. I always use Sport-Wash on my pads. You can get it in the sporting goods section at Walmart. It is called a scent destroyig laundry detergent made for hunting clothes (wool, down & gortex). It also doesn't interfere with wicking, breathability & water repellency so I also use it to wash Doc's blankets. I always use my shop vac to clean my pads first. Some I hand wash then put on my saddle rack in the sun to dry. I have one that I can take to a laundramat . Regardless, I always use cold water to wash and rack dry. Hope this helps!

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