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On April 1st, Zippo Belle Bars, Belle turned two years old. That meant baby time was over and its time to start learning to be a “big horse.” Belle already had good ground manners, stood well for the farrier, and has already been exposed to the wash stall bath. So, it was time to hit the round pen. The first day was her longest day. It was hard for Belle in the beginning because she has some separation anxiety we she leaves her mom and pasture mate (they have never had to be separated). But once we got her feet moving, she had to think about other things. We taught her to go on a longe line and how to stop and yield her hind- quarters. From there we built upon our foundations and have moved to backing, transitions, and sacking out. She even got to go around with a saddle on her back for a while! She is super smart and we know that when it comes time to get on her back we will have no trouble.

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