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I have just returned from my first riding trip in NM. It was incredible!! I will post pics on my site this week. My friend's place was about 7000 ft elevation and we rode up to 9-10,000 ft. It was beyond anything I have ridden and I feel so blessed. We even saw a large elk herd one day. Attached is a poem God gave me to share about this experience. I pray each of you may be so blessed. Linda Grajewski

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Comment by Women On The Edge Trail Riders A on September 27, 2009 at 8:48pm
Linda, Your poem is absolutly beautiful, and the presense of the the Lord in your life is so obvious! Your words sum up how my spirit leaps for joy every time I ride into a glorious hidden patch of woods or down through some rushing creek! To know He created all things for His pleasure and the fact that it gives Him such pleasure to see us enjoy His creation! Blessings Girlfriend!, Cheryl Boren

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