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Hey all, I've been traveling in Ireland for the past week and have been amazed to see the cattle population. Sure enough, everyone probably knows that there are far more sheep (>8M) than people (5.6M) in Ireland but there's also cows about everywhere you look. Most of them seem to be dairy cows but i see a lot of herefords and black angus too. The cattle are quite large (tall and fat). Horses are popular in Ireland and quite revered, there is a big horse racing interest here. The pastures are many and thick with a fescue type grass that seems to keep weight on the cows. The temperatures are mild all year long, although it does snow occassionally. Because of the consistent and mild weather, it doesn't appear that that there is a need to feed hay like we do in the states.

Yesterday we went to the Irish National Stud farm which includes some of the top thoroughbred studs in the country. We got to see the most famous one of all, Invisible (??), they were recently offered $65M for him by a farm in Lexington, KY.

I envy the massive amount of pastures here, the horses adn cows seem very happy...I don't think the livestock drink water here, I'm quite sure they fancy the Guinness, like everyone else in this country!! :-)

Cheers to the black stuff,

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Comment by Dean Athey on April 18, 2009 at 9:55am
We were just looking at our pictures from our trip to Ireland back in 2003. We were also impressed with the National Stud. Did you see the Japanese Gardens attached to the farm? Very impressive. We rode in the Kilkenny National Park in SW Ireland. A lot of fun. The horses were a Shire cross. Not much to look at and they must have been close to 17 hands. Enjoy.

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