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Can anyone give exact directions from Nashville to Laurel Hill, Primm Springs or Water Valley horsetrails? Let me know how you like the trails, challenging, rocky, muddy, or wonderful, thanks, Ginger

Can anyone give exact directions from Nashville to Laurel Hill, Primm Springs or Water Valley horsetrails? Let me know how you like the trails, challenging, rocky, muddy, or wonderful, thanks, Ginger

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Comment by Casey Rogillio on April 14, 2010 at 3:24pm
I'd be interested in knowing where some of these locations are, period. It's all well and good to call it Primm Springs, but where the heck IS it?! I'm not one of those to go exploring with a trailer wagging along behind me, I prefer to know where I'm going and what it's like (scouting it out first at times w/no horses along) rather than try to turn that rig around because I zipped past the intersection. Y'all know what I'm talking about!

So let's help the map-challenged of us out, where are these places, hmm? ;-)
Comment by Gale on April 9, 2010 at 9:06am
Ok I am the timid rider. Laurel hill DOES have steep rocky hills, mud in some parts that your horse will sink belly up in. It does have the rock bottom but what was neglected to say is that most of it is the slick rock you will fall down on even with borum shoes on. If you like steep rocky terrain then this would be the perfect ride for ya. It does have pretty scenery, but for the bees and all the rock, no, I prefer Why Not Ranch, it has nothing dangerous for you or your horse that I have found. Just give me a call or email if you wanna talk more
Comment by Linda Grajewski on April 9, 2010 at 8:32am
Hi Ginger I am the TWRA volunteer trail coordinator for Maury Co. and assist with Laurel Hill. Most experienced trail riders say Laurel Hill is the best place they have ever ridden. It is very beautiful with enough hills to make it interesting but not dangerous. I have lead many groups out there, even senior citizens from out of state. I have friends who come from AL and TX to ride there. Every hollow has a solid rock bottom creek and we cross the 'Little Buffalo' river several times. One trail is a little more challenging than others but with timid riders I avoid it. You can go to the TWRA website and follow the maps link for directions. We are having a PWHAT ride there in June go to their website for the date. I would suggest you come then. Primm Springs and Water Valley are not trails but old roads through the hills and valleys that people ride as well as still in use by motor vehicles. Check out the ; Maury County Mounted Ministry for their schedule as they ride there also. I would be happy to take you on any of these myself sometime if our schedules permit. These are all free and open to the public. I usually save Primm Springs for late summer as it is easy and has lots of water, also good during hunting season. Hope to meet up with you soon.
Blessings, Linda
Comment by Ginger Friedlob on April 8, 2010 at 6:47pm
Hi Gale, thanks for the information. We board our horses in Lebanon so riding on the south west side of I65 is a little haul but we want to ride someplace different. I'll contact you by e-mail.
Comment by Gale on April 8, 2010 at 2:52pm
Why Not Ranch is the best place to ride... Laurel hill is very rocky, steep and deep thick mud in places..Water Valley is ok. from what I have been on is Road riding.. Primm Springs is whoever you get to take you out.. there is a lady named Genie that is really good at primm springs. Mounted Ministries has several rides planned..Bucksnort, Why Not, Laurel Hill,Williamsport lakes.. I ahve their schedule if you need it.. just email and let me know..here is my direct email tncharm1@bellsouth.net or give me a call 931-242-8270

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