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I rode at Williamsport Saturday. With the spring storms and the summer heat, the trails have become almost impassable. Huge trees block the trails and the meadows are so overgrown, the briars and weeds were over the horses' heads. I am afraid we are going to lose many of our trail riding places.

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Comment by Dawn on August 8, 2011 at 7:04pm
Linda - I understand that this time it is big trees down over the trails, lots of them. It is going to take more than our little clippers and the helpful machette! Going to need chainsaws. How are we to get in there with them? or are we to just clear a way around the downed trees? Hoping to be back in the saddle and able to help when the weather gets cooler. Don't like this sitting around!
Comment by Linda Grajewski on August 8, 2011 at 7:24am
TWRA does not help us maintain our trails, volunteers do. We do trail work in the cool winter months without bugs and snakes. But, it takes lots of help to keep these open. I never ride Williamsport in the summer because of these issues. TWRA will mow parts in the fall for the hunters and fishermen. It takes more people than myself lobbying to get things changed. I have talked to our regional director several times and emailed so many officials. Have also posted these on TTR and asked others to do the same. You can make a difference if enough people let them know how important these trails are. Tennessee needs to catch the vision that the little town of Elkmont Alabama has. They now have 2 trails right there to bring tourists in to ride and spend money in their community.

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