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Everyone Please Read and give me your opinion

Everyone Please Read this and give your opinion !!If you had taken your animal to a vet and requested an xray nearly 2 weeks ago, was not told that an xray was not given, had to have surgery done on a horses leg where bone was extracted. That horse was placed on medicine a week and had to return to the vet where she AGAIN had to have surgery to remove bone. He kept this horse for 4 days before doi...ng the first surgery, he had plenty of time to do the xray. He never told me that he DID NOT DO THE XRAY. He simply did the surgery and then on the second visit he proceeded to take a pair of scissors and his dirty fingers and actually CUT HER LEG WITH THE SCISSORS and stick his dirty fingers in her leg and remove bone. Then when she couldnt stand it any longer he said , well I guess I will have to sedate her to remove the rest of the bone. I called today and he STILL HAD not done the xray. I took her to Tn Equine and they xrayed her leg and told me it was best to put her down due to the enormous injury that was done to her leg. This was a very long , very open wound that he left *the original vet*. Would you sue him?Needless to say the horse had to be put down today

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Comment by Leslie Perry on November 12, 2011 at 8:58pm

Who was this vet? As long as everything you posted is true, it is not slander to mention his name. I just don't want to ever end up doing business with him!!

Comment by Leslie Perry on November 12, 2011 at 8:57pm

We had a somewhat similar incident with one of my husband's horses. I had taken him top the vet because he was not finishing his feed. He insisted that it was only his teeth. We had just had them floated and I was certain this was not the problem and requested that he do some bloodwork on him. He stated that it was not necessary, and said to bring him back in a week to ten days if he didn't start eating better and he would start treating him for an ulcer. Five days later we found him at the pond in shock. We rushed him to the vet and they THEN did blood work and discovered that his liver was failing. They kept him for 3 days on an I.V. and he died. I was FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept insisting that if they'd done the bloodwork I asked them to do they could have saved him, and they pretty nuch told me to "prove it". (Not in so many words, but that's pretty much how I took it.) I wanted to sue, but my husband was convinced that it would cost more than the horse was worth. To me, it was the principle.(Not to mention the fact that we still had to pay the $700 vet bill he incurred to die). I learned a VERY valuable and EXPENSIVE lesson. If my vet won't do what I am willing to pay for, he's no longer my vet and I'll take him somewhere else. I'm very curious how this turns out. Please keep us updated.

Comment by Gale on October 10, 2011 at 8:29am
I am trying to find a lawyer right now, but none seem too happy to help me.. if anyone knows a good lawyer please by all means let me know. thanks for you kind and helpful words to me brenda. I appreciate it, it helps to know that someone else feels the way I do
Comment by Brenda Lane on October 9, 2011 at 8:24pm
No doubt i would  what is right is right and wrong is wrong ,and this vet definitely was wrongand he should be sued for pain and suffering fo rthe horse and yours for loosing your animal  to this kind of practice surgery on a horse has to be diagnosed correctlee before they have surgery no different than a human,without proper care they are in more pain and die needlessly ,if you feel your horse was not given proper care in this matter you should sue this vet,you have every right too.You lost your beloved animal at the hands of someone you trusted to care for and help animal get well and if he wasnt doing his job correct by not doing x-rays and other things he not only cost your horse his life  and you pain for loosing the animal,but he could very well cause another animal his life by not doing his job, if it were me i would definitely sue.I know its not going to bring your horse back but it could save another and this person would be held acountable for his actions .
Comment by Gale on October 9, 2011 at 6:02pm
I think he was very negligent in the way he dealt with my mare. I am checking with an attorney Monday, but if I have to sue him in civil court then I will do that too, thanks for giving me your opinion..I was afraid I was the only one that would feel this way about it
Comment by Robin Murray on October 9, 2011 at 10:13am

By all means...SUE ...what an atrocity...he should have his license taken away.


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