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Equestrian Use of Public Lands designated for Hunting & Fishing

This request originated in Kentucky, but has implications for all of our public lands that are open to other outdoor recreation but restricted to horse-back riding. I'm not sure what the appropriate response is but at this point, I guess anything that relates to Cynthia's question is worth sending to her and she can sort out what is useful. Certainly, all of us delight in seeing wildlife and all of the various flora and fauna of the outdoors when we ride. Many places we ride have significant offerings in the way of history, our cultural heritage, as well as the natural beauty of this country we live in. I suspect we may need to consider documenting some of the places we ride and the wildlife spottings and points of interest that we visit. We must make sure we speak up and aggressively support and defend our desire to ride horses every chance we get because there are a lot of people all to willing to shut us out.

Please copy me with what you send to Cynthia. Thanks

Cecil Watkins Cecil.Watkins@sonoco.com
Vice President Administration
SC Horsemen's Council
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From: Cynthia Delaney [mailto:CDelaney@aikenchamber.net]
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 3:42 PM
To: Tobias, Mary Ellen
Subject: Equine -- Message from Samantha

Mary Ellen:

Hi all, this from the national trail organization...if you have any info for
them, it would be very helpful toward showing state legislators how "green"
our trail riders are...

If you can respond please respond to Cynthia at chiggs@insightbb.com

Read below...thanks, Sam

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Subject: [ELCRpartner] Natural History Accounts By Trail Riders

Trail riders in Kentucky are striving to improve access to state fish
and game lands. In many cases, the state fish and wildlife agency
excludes horseback trail riding from the sole approved use category
it calls "wildlife-related recreation, including hunting and fishing."

Some of us feel that the agency and our state legislators may not be
aware that many equestrian trail riders are in it for the nature, and
we would like to gather credible evidence to show this. One
potentially compelling category of such evidence could be personal
accounts by trail riding equestrians of the wildlife experience, not
just in Kentucky, but in other places as well.

Here is my question: Can anyone recommend a way in which we might
locate trail riding equestrians that have logged wildlife and other
natural history-type observations from the trail?

Rather than replying to this list, please email me directly at


Thank you in advance for your help!

Cynthia Higgs
Central Kentucky Back Country Horsemen

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Comment by Linda Grajewski on September 24, 2009 at 5:00pm
I ride with a lot of senior riders and it will not be long until I am one of them. Riding gives us access to the back country that would be difficult if not impossible otherwise. We delight in sighting turkey, deer and various other wildlife. Also, Dean Butler, he is on this site has taken up the hobby of wildflowers and will guide us on rides and give us the names of various flowers we site. Check out my page to find all kinds of pictures from various parts of the country. The last day of my NM ride we saw a large herd of elk and got several nice pics. Thanks for helping all of us by taking this stand for equine access to public lands.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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