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Several of us from Maury County are going to Shawnee on Oct. 30? We will be staying at Hayes Canyon. Anyone else going to be in that area? We have been there once before but still have a lot to learn about the trails and area.
Blessings, Linda

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Comment by The Rossons on October 22, 2009 at 11:31am
Hi Linda, just wanted to let you know when you exit from 24 at Hyw 145,if you need to fuel up take a left. The station to your right has none. We just came back from there last week and stayed at Bear Branch. We loved it and thought the owner Dick Manders was very nice. The trails to the East towards Indian Kitchen and Lusk Creek were the best. Hope you enjoy! Donnie & Melinda Rosson
Comment by Adrienne Walsh on October 22, 2009 at 8:19am
Hey Linda, I have been once, late summer of 2008. We stayed at Bear Branch...didn't much care for the owner of that place, wouldn't go back there. However the folks at Hayes Canyon were really nice. One of our party threw a shoe and Hayes Canyon was a lot closer than going all the way back to Bear Branch. They called a farrier for us who came out the next morning and reset the shoe. I think the trails around Hayes Canyon were much better marked...they had large 'You are here..' type signs that you could read from horseback and could see other trails besides the one you were on. I liked that you could tell where you were in relation to other trails. Have fun there. When we went it had been real dry and there was no water in the creeks, but I bet they have some this summer! Take lots of pictures and ride safe!

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