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TennesseeTrailRiders.com provides support to Cannon County disaster:

The members of Tennessee Trail Riders (TTR) have helped the US Humane Society respond to what they call the "2nd Disaster" in Cannon County by helping to schedule volunteer efforts and supplies to help over 80 ailing horses in an orderly fashion.  The Humane Society’s own people did not have time to coordinate the power needed to care for these animals and engage in the healing process.  TTR volunteers were especially helpful because of their advanced familiarity with horses and what is required to care for and handle them safely.


TTR members delivered generous amounts supplies and services:

·         Feed and hay for ALL of the horses for 1 month

·         De-worm all of the horses twice

·         Supplements and supplies: buckets, cleaning supplies, mineral salts, vitamins, and volunteer meals have been delivered.


 Some of the many helpful services provided by tennesseetrailrider.com members:

·         Signed up to adopt/foster 15 of the horses.

·         Cleaned ALL of the stall several times.

·         Unloaded and organized supplies & hay.

·         Trimmed the horse’s feet.

·         Groomed the animals.

·         Picked up at least 6 horses that could not stand up.


In addition, TTR volunteers plan to help exercise the horses in round pens as soon as they are set up.


Mike King, one of the volunteer leaders and a member of TTR said, “we owe much thanks to the Tennessee Trail Riders website and its members; of course none of the items above would have occurred without TTR’s active and equine friendly forum to reach out and make the needs known.”


The Humane Society would like to thank the many TTR members who have made the recovery of these animals possible.  We were not able to document all of the names; below are some names of people that continue to be involved in the rescue effort. 


Annette Rader

Astrid Head

Audrey Faye Rody

Belinda Fretwell

Dave Lomenick

Debbie Layman

Deborah McWithey

Denise Stevens

Diane Smiley

Elizabeth Taylor

Jack Rohtert

Jackie Allen

Jeanine Carroll

Jessie Aarhus

Jim Apple

Josh Guin

Kelly Weakely Huff

Ken Scott

Kim Light

Kimber Goodman

Kimberly Schneck

Leslie Perry

Mary Ann Kennedy

Mary Hord

Maryester Marchi

Michele Fuller

Mike King

Shelly Smith

Tony Reynolds


Thanks again for your unselfish and much appreciated support!!!


Mike King & the Humane Society

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