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ROUND BALES:  If you are in need of hay call Elvis Calwell, 615 302-0564 (H), 615 812-8748 (M). He has over 1,000 round bales available. The hay is "weed free", I have also been feeding it to my Longhorn cattle, it's good quality hay. The price varies depending on whether you need delivery, where it will be delivered, etc., so feel free to call him if you are interested.

SQUARE BALES:  Janice and Dave Woody, both members of this site, live in Maury County and grow really nice orchard grass hay.  They have a large amount of square bales that they will be selling. Please contact Janice if you are interested: 931 682-0059.

Cheers and happy trails,
Mike Murphy
Bellaterra Ranch
Franklin, TN

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