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I'm a memeber of trailriders, but not the single group.? What do I do?

Now there seems to be several single riders and Let's see how much interest we have in getting together for a day ride and maybe a cookout. I can have it at my barn in Woodbury and there is many trails to ride out of my driveway. Thinking about the second Saturday in June. Everybody ponder this and let's see how many people are interested in getting together. Just get on mapquest and see how long it would take you to get here and let me know if you are interested. Will be a lot of fun. My address is 496 Sally Parton Rd. Woodbury Tn 37190.
D Gentry

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Well if you are single and looking for meet other people thats single you can join this group. I would love for everyone in this group to get together and have a trail ride, but I live in west tn and its seems like most people in this group lives in either middle or east.
I am single and love meeting new people. I have a couple of different groups I ride with but most of them are married. Their husbands always think they have to take care of me, but that is not the case. I live with my horses and take care of them daily. And you can ride for 2 days right out of my driveway. If you get a ride together, let me know.
ride this weekend in hohenwald tn
for more info gates open at 12 noon tomorrow
hope you can make it
How do I join?
gettin ready to head to st.jude ride in the morning
hope to see all of you there
i'm haulin 3 horses
hope you all have a great mothers day weekend
Hi Deb--I think a gathering at your barn would be a good idea. Anytime would be good for me. Have you ever camped at Honey Creek Horse Camp at BSF? Check it out. There or at any other BSF location our east TN riders could easily meet with some of us from middle TN.
Hi Deb--Count me in for Sat. the 13th for your ride and cookout. Let me know what I need to bring. I think some of us are meeting at Honey Creek, BSF, the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June. Why don't you plan to join us?
I have been to Honey Creek back in the Fall. The riding is good, but the campground is very small and the stalls are pathetic. Zenith Stables across the road is much nicer.


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