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We are riding Saturday 25th at 10am. Be at the trail head off hwy 7. I may have a surprise special extra loop off the trace. My friend is checking it out today to see if we can still ride it, hunting starts this week-end.

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Dwight and I have ridden the trace and got on off Hwy 50 at Shady Grove. Where is the trail head off Hwy 7?
If you come from Columbia on hwy 7 it is to the right just before the trace. In fact, you can see the trace overpass where you turn. Then the parking area with picnic tables is on the left.
Pat how are the trail at Hwy 50 of the trace?
Is Hwy 7 open now?
Dawn I live out that way and you have to detour on the old Hwy 7 til you get to Snow Creek then turn left to get back on the new road. They have the detour marked with signs.
It has a detour but it is easy and well marked, no problem. You joining us tomorrow?
Parking and trail head at Hwy. 7 is not marked at all. Went by there today. It is the last road to the left (Kirby White Road)going north on Hwy. 7 before you go under Natchez Trace. Coming south it is the first road to right after you go under Natchez Trace.

If using a GPS or Google Maps, put in 5875 Kirby White Road, Santa Fe, TN this house is right across the road from the horse parking. Lots of parking available, picnic table, and horse tie post.

Remember there are NO markings off Hwy. 7 to get you to the parking lot. Just remember to turn on Kirby White Road and you cannot miss the parking. It is about 1/4 to 1/2 mile off Hwy. 7.

See everyone tomorrow. We are bringing between 6-10 depending on who shows up. If you get lost, 615-308-1013
I'm wrong and Linda is right. The parking lot I mentioned it a stop area; not the main parking. It is the road to the right (Old Natchez Trace Road, I think) to right just before the Trace going north; however, if we have overflow, we can still park up at the other location. I got turned around today, but still it is not marked or I did not see any markings or horse signs.


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