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I am near Clarkrange and East Fork, and am looking for some quarter horse type riding buddies. I dont ride fast or hard and love to lope. Any one interested? Also like to camp with horses and their people.

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hi my wife and I are from middle tennessee and would be interested in a new riding buddy lets get together sometime ride the ole cowponies
sounds like a plan where do you lve and like to ride? Iam near East Fork
My mom and I ride quarter horses as well and also, like to take our time and not ride rough. Would love to ride East fork we haven't been there. We are still new to the area and are just getting out exploring trails around this area. We live in Shelbyville.
Well have you meet any body up there in Clarkrange yet? if not email me back and I will give you a name that is looking too. She is on facebook. and I am too as LucyEastman.


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