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Today's playdate was a huge success. Photos in the photo section in album Playdate March 21,2009. Everyone had loads of fun. Thanks to Judy for taking charge of the camera. She went around taking pictures of everyone doing their tasks. She is a super photographer. Thanks to everyone who came to make this day a success.

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I had a great time, and so did my horse! I only wish I had opted to stay for the tasks..well, there's always next time. I learned from watching others and talking to others...and I now know a few things I really need to work on w/ my horse. Maybe next time he will walk through the ropes. I might set up one of those at home. I love a challenge. Thanks Mikki and George.
Hi Bertie:

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry you did not stay for the challenges, it was fun. Hope you will be able to join us for the April 18th playdate. Let me know if you are planning to come.


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