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Does anyone on here have barefoot horses?

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I don't know Jim but my farrier comes down from Morgantown, KY to do mine in Dickson - he may be able to come by on his way if he can take new clients. He does a 5 week schedule. Let me know if you want his contact info.
jim's in ashland city but travels-used to shoe but is now barefoot only. there IS a difference in a regular farrier's trim and what you get from a barefoot specialist-this may be why some folks say their horses "can't" be barefoot. it may also require some transition time when you need to build up callus and/or boot after you 1st pull shoes, but you may get lucky like I did with a mare that never took an off step after her shoes were 1st pulled-poor girl had been shod since she was about 16 months and kept that way til I got her at age 6. i ride lots of rocky trails for long distances with no trouble on barefoot horses
I recently purchased a AQHA that is coming on 3 years old..The lady I bought her from said she wouldn't need shoes even if I trail rode her because she has strong hooves and so did her parents..Well, I live and ride in Cannon County, which is a very rocky area with steep hills and such. I have trail rode her twice in those type areas and haven't shod her, and so far, so good..But all theses old timers around here keep telling me I'm gonna make her tender-footed by continuing to ride her unshod. I am new to quarter's and not really sure who's advice to take. I just don't want her to hurt me or herself trying to ride our usual trails because of loosing her footing because of not getting a good grip or whatever..Any advice will be greatly appreciated..I want to try and go as natural as possible but still be able to do my "holler hoppin" too..Thanks!
I have been trying for two years to get all my horeses barefoot since I was introduced to the concept by a friend from LA. I own Paso Finos and my pleasure pasos are doing fine with it. It is my proformance guy that I can't get there. He starts all trailrides in what we call a Fino gaite that has him pounding those legs up and down very very hard on any type of ground for at least the first half hour. He was a show horse for 8 years and only came out of his stall to be shown and then back again. (Not by me never would do that to a horse) I have tried so many ways to calm him down but when he starts any ride he goes into show mold to show everyone how fine he can step. I tell everyone it's a guy thing. He is a beautiful sight but hell on his feet. He even does it in the pasture when anyone comes up my drive. I am determined to keep working on him but so far he is a work in progress. I really love that I have gotten the rest of the gang barefoot and happy even in gravel!!!


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