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Does anyone on here have barefoot horses?

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I do-went trail riding on some rocky trail this weekend and had provided a horse for a friend, my horse was barefoot and another friend's horse was barefoot, one horse was shod. We had been out a couple hours when one friend joked it was so rocky she might be able to cancel the trimmer, the friend riding my spare horse asked "your horse is barefoot?" and was shocked when we told her yes and so was the one she was riding as well as mine!
It is funny how people who really don't know react. I just tell people I'm one of those weird hoof hugger people. I show my ranch horses barefoot and never have to scratch a class for a lost or loose shoe. My daughter's horse had been shod her entire life until she came to us. The previous trainer said she could not go barefoot (they tried her barefoot for a month or so)...hmmm...after three trims she has not taken a lame step. Hard to explain to people who don't believe isn't it? Easy to explain if they want to hear about how much I save every year on farrier costs! :D
Yes, and I never have to wait to get a loose or thrown shoe reset or an abcess to grow out either.
Good on you for showing barefoot! I compete barefoot in endurance and people there are amazed as well- lots of folks beginning to compete using hoofboots but right now mine are bare.
my policy is to run em natural untill they tell me some protection is needed. Which means I havn't yet used any shoes. But when I get to riding extensivly I'll take some boots or shoes along in case they're needed. A neighbor girl rode one of my mustang mares something like 100 miles in a week and didn't need shoes.
yes I carry boots on endurance rides to make the vets happy, and would of course use them if my horses told me they needed them but so far so good on TN, Fl, AL, GA, KY, IN and IL trails
I haven't done much trail riding the past couple years but two summers ago, I was camping and we decided to ride a couple of miles to a little country church for Sunday service. I didn't bother with boots because thought the road was pavement or there were shoulders to ride on the entire way but I was wrong. About half way the road turned to about 80% sharp shale gravel. He would take a little mistep here and there and I was sure I had bruised him. The next day - he was fine! I was a believer before but that gave me one more story for when people ask me 'why'.
Do you have them trimmed by a natural hoof farrier?
Yes , Jim Apple does mine and he is great
I have barefoot horses too. Jim Apple also trims my horses. Thanks Jackie for introducing him to me!! I have not had any trouble with my horses and have also ridden in rocks. Their feet look great and I enjoy not worrying about loose shoes!!
I have 4 horses all had shoes my 2 mares 8 years old are now barefoot Jim Apple is trimming them
Sissy my black mare is doing PERFECT(2 trims) little Bit is getting there (just 2 trims ) but she had a contracted
heel and she's was stepping on her toes so sure she will be a little tender. My Gelding Biscuit on the
other hand has "navicular syndrome" and is in wedge pads and egg bar shoes for 6 years he's sound if I don't use him
So Jim's gonna start on him soon as well as our other mare she's just always been tender footed
I ordered Biscuit the ruby red slippers so I can see them in the pasture I know It's gonna be hard at first
but I trust Jim. Any one have any feed back on the pain and suffering Im gonna go through(haha) really
anyone had a navicular horse go barefoot?
Not me personally but my farrier has. I can ask him what he knows if you'd like. Did you have X-rays done and if so, how bad was he?
where is jim apple from? we are in cross plains and have stopped shoeing our horses would be interested in using a farrier who is knowledgeable in helping us get our horses hooves the way they need to be


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