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This is Teri from North MIssissippi -- I ride from Arkansas (beautiful riding in the Ozarks!!!) to North Carolina whenever I can get away . Try to go at least once a month. Someone was asking about riding in NC ... check out Deep Creek in Bryson City, NC. Campground and stalls ok, but the riding is magnificent -- must be fairly brave as the rim riding is a bit scary. Linda - Lazyhorse in June? That sounds great!! I love riding in the Townsend area. Do you have to trailer to the trailhead? There is a pretty good ride in Jasper, AL next weekend - March 20. Anybody going? It's an ATRA ride - Americas Trail Ride Assn.

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North Carolina has a couple of nice places to ride but if you want to venture into some pretty riding. I think Virginia is one of the best spots to go. I have really enjoyed Va about as much as I like Tn.
I have ridden several different states and for the drive Va & Tn is worth the commute.


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