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Okay, now since it getting hotter where are the best trail to get away from the heat? Or, what have been the best trail that you have ridden on. I know BSF has great trails and views so does trails in the smokies. I looking for new trails and places to go.

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We just returned from www.holly-view.com, right outside of Asheville, close to Hendersville. Tracy has 9 sites, nice stalls, in door riding arena. Loved the trails. Great picture taking. Dupont has app 5 to 6 breath taking water falls. Be ready to take your shoes off. Nice place to tie your horses while you venture in. Great maps, now we did venture into Pisgah National Forest one day and ended up app 8 to 10 inches off where we should have been. Tracy was great, chuckled picked us up where we landed. Nice 4 day of riding in Dupont. Be careful if you venture into Pisgah trails are not marked as well.
Birdsong trail ride was an organized ride, loved that one. People and the organization of the ride was great.
Loretta Lynn like it but would not return, enjoyed it the first time but the riding was just okay. Great for kids.
Zenith Camp Ground, could not ask for a nicer couple. Bruce was wonderful.
Heading to Buffalot River in Oct looking forward to that one.
Virginia is where the people here go to beat the summer heat. I don't know what camps to recommend, but you could start something on the blog or forum. I hope to get to New Mexico to the mountains where some friends have a place this year. They say I will have to wear long sleeves and bring a jacket for July. Hooray!!!
Blessings, Linda
Big South Fork is one of my favorites -- we like Station Camp Horse Camp. It is clean, and the trails are nice - alot of different scenery. We also like the trails around Bandy Creek and Honey Creek (though Honey Creek has some pretty scenery and Needles Eye cave, the trails are challenging, but it's fun!) We also like the Smoky Mtns, of course, but for local trails, we like Norris watershed (Anderson County) and Bakers Creek. You ride through quiet woods filled with wildlife and singing birds, you can ride to the lake and take a swim, and there are a few little springs and creeks at both places. At night, you can hear hoot owls in the treetops. :)

For convenience for me, I signed up for a permit at Sulphur Springs, in Elkmont, TN.  It takes me about an hour to get there.  I'm looking for something closer to Hazel Green, AL, but no luck so far.  Cyndy

My friend Kelly & I went to True West Campground  @ Big South Fork a couple of weekends ago and had the BEST time riding the trails there.  Kelly has a TWH mare and I have a Paso Fino Gelding. We gaited for ever it seemed like. The trails were awesome, no problems at all and the campground was right near the trail heads! I would highly recommend True West!! We are going to go again SOON. :)


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