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I am interested in what mild bits are used for your gaited horses, especially for well trained Foxtrotters. Thanks for your suggestions.

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I've been using the Robart's bit (on all my horses, gaited and non) since Dave developed it. It is called the "Walking horse bit" but I originally bought it for my arabian mare who wouldn't take a bit at all. This bit is very effective, very mild, and causes no pain. I've recommended it to 99% of the riders that that I've worked with over the years. It has never failed me nor the horses. I am still using the first bit I bought and it is over 8 years old. In fact, I haven't even tried another bit since I bought this one....it's that good.
I ordered the Robart snaffle with the short shank. I hope it works as well for my horse as the walking horse bit has for you. Thanks for the "feed back".

My wife and I changed my Foxtrotter and her TWH over to a mild hackmore. It made better horses out of both of them. They gaited better and behaved better. It was amazing how much anxiety the bit was creating in both horses. The Foxtrotter was about 12 years old and the TWH was about 6 when we made the change. Both had always been ridden with a bit.


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