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This Saturday at Eastfork Horse Camp in Jamestown TN. will be the second annual Youth and Yearling Mustang Challenge. Hope to see you there. Starts at 10 am.

Kids have had 90 days to work with a mustang delivered to them from the
BLM. They will compete on an obstacle course in an arena. About 10
obstacles. The top 5 from each age division will then compete in a
"freestyle" competition. The 2 winners will be receiving a handmade
saddle valued at 2500.00

After the competition the horses will be auctioned off. It's your chance
to get a Mustang that has a whole bunch of ground manners in his
pocket. A friend of mine bought one last year and LOVES him.. The
average selling price was 25.00, yes twenty five. Give a good horse a
good home.

Hope to see you there.

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Hi Sue,

I would love to add this event to the American Mustang and Burro Association web site! (http://www.ambainc.net)

Is there a link with entry forms and such for this??

there is no link but you are welcome to copy and paste the stuff I wrote. The only ones allowed to enter this are the kids that got their Mustangs 90 days ago. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is who started this program. There might be something on their website.
Thanks Sue


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