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When you camp with your horse, what amenities makes a campground great and brings you back again?

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Donna, I'll definitely try it again.  Congrats to you & your husband on your new venture.  I'm sure you'll like it here and we're always happy to support a good campground in South Fork.



Hi Nancy.  I look forward to meeting you.  I am still here in NH but my husband and daughter are there now.  I should be there by June.  Thanks for the well wishes!  We are very excited and looking forward to meeting many, many new friends. :)
I have not stayed at True West, but one complaint I've heard often is that the campsites are close to the road, and there is no shade with no real privacy.     I don't know if its possible to move campsites, but adding trees and landscaping (which I know is not a short term fix) for shade would add a lot of value into the future.

It appears that the prior owner did cut down a lot of trees.  We do have a few sites that have shade (about 1/3rd) but most are out in the sun.  We do plan on planting trees but as you mentioned, the effect will be a long time down the road.  We have a couple of sites that are fairly close to the road but we would not put anyone there unless it was the last place available.  Privacy does come with the trees so maybe some day we can have that.  Thanks for the feedback.  I hope some day you'll visit us. :)

We have found that having laundry facilities come in very handy sometimes.  Also, it is very nice when there are hooks in stalls to hang water and feed buckets on. Thought I would list some other things to go along with the ones already mentioned.

Hi Jennifer - yup.  I agree.  We have two hooks in each stall.  One for water and one for a feed bucket.  We also have a saddle rack and bridle/halter hook outside the stalls as well.  Some stalls have hay racks.  I'd like to eventually have one of those in every stall.  Some horses use them, some don't - but it's nice to have the option.  We also have cross tie rings at every stall. 


As for laundry facilities...we fall short there.  It is however on our list of "some day" :)  Thanks for the feedback.

I think there has been some great ideas, the only thing i can think of would be to trailer campers to other trailheads.  When we set up camp we don't want to trailer anywhere.  Congrats and hope to see you soon! 

Hi Leisa,


Oh!  I hope we do meet soon.  That would be great.  We do plan on being able to trailer people to different trailheads at their request.  Currently I own a 2-horse bumper pull with dressing room - but I'm trying to sell it so we can get a 4-horse stock.  That will give us the ability to transport more people/groups.  I'm hoping to have that available before the end of this season :)


Thanks for the feedback :)




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