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Wow your right you dont see that everyday. We are planning a trip to BSF this fall, Which campground would you reccomend?

Only because I own it, and it's the BEST place to go, I reccomend SADDLE VALLEY CAMPGROUND. www.saddlevalleycampground.com  (931)879-6262. 


This is what one of our recent customers said

"My husband and I had an awesome time, we were the first campers of the season. It was our 1st attempt to camp with our horses and it was a breeze! Our Fl horse's were not used to the terrain,wet trail conditions due to the abundance of rain before we arrived, but they survived! It was chilly and a little wet the first day, but it cleared up quickly! Teresa was an awesome hostess!! She made us feel right at home the minute we arrived! She answered all our questions, shared valuable Trail information with us NEWBIE Mountain riders, and even found us FRESH HOMEGROWN eggs for breakfast! Scout their dog was a perfect gentleman and was a treat to have around, as we were missing our own dogs back home in FL. We plan on going back the first chance we get! We highly recommend Saddle Valley Campground! Wish I was there right now!!"

We have been riding and camping Big South Fork for over 15 years. We have ridden and camped all over Tennessee, and southern Kentucky. Many times we sat in camp and I would tell Teresa how great it would be to own a campground. A few years ago we bought Saddle Valley, and have devoted our life to providing a clean comfortable place to bring your horse and feel as safe as if you were still home. We enjoy meeting new people from all over the country, and enjoy it even more when they come back year after year. We pride ourselves in having information about the entire area, as well as a wealth of information on Big South Fork itself. We can help plan your trip to the area, if it’s your first time, or your tenth.
I personally hope I never see this in person, lol.


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