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I got kicked in the stomach yesterday evening by my 3-year-old filly. I was going to spray her back with some fly spray while she was eating. Big mistake on my part, I should have known better. Nothing serious thank goodness, just very sore. I hate to think what could have been. No matter how well you know your horses, always use caution. :-)

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I am glad you are ok. I personnaly WILL make all of my horses move whether they are eating or not. I worked for a breeding barn that a nasty mare who actually pinned a guy in the stall and almost knocked him out. She learned fast she was to wait out of the door until I was done in her stall. You never know when an emergency will come up, and not being able to handle a horse while he is eating is no excuse.
Just like the herd leader, when he comes up to feed the other horses move, they will move when I say. Young horses are the worst about testing you, so be careful with kids handling colts and fillies!
Thanks Julie. I know what you mean, she pinned her ears at me night before last when I was feeding her, so I picked up a stick and kept her away from the feed until I was ready to let her eat. She HAS to learn that I am the leader, not her, but she is a dominant type horse and is tough to deal with.
I have a 2 year old filly who has always been sweet as can be. One day I was asking her to bend in circles and she reared striking at me with her feet! I had nothing but a lead rope, which did no good. She attempted this several times, and I finally had to let her go or end up really hurt, as she already glanced my head with her hoof.
I went back to the barn for the lunge whip, and sure enough when I asked her to lead she tried it again. Now she showed no signs of distress or being in pain when she high tailed it across the pasture a few minutes before. We went a few rounds before she decided to give in.
I have been around horses my entire life, and she flat out attacked for no reason other than being a 2 year old, in heat for the first time! She has never acted that way since.
She has buddied up with the dominant gelding and the other horses give way to her, usually because he is behind her. She had been turned out and not handled much for a couple of months since I was going through a divorce. She just wanted to see where I stood.
Wow Julie, you were really lucky not to have gotten hurt! I have raised this filly since birth, and she has had an attitude since day one! She was at a trainer in June and progressing well, but started dropping weight like crazy. I think she was depressed, and just stopped eating. It was pitiful. I thought maybe it was too much too soon, and decided to hold off on training for a few months. I am sure I have let her get away with way too much, even though I've tried not to. I really need to get out there and start working with her again. She is a very confident horse, not afraid of anything and curious about everything. I imagine she will be good on the trails, at least as far as spooking goes. I doubt much of anything will phase her. She was a breeze to saddle up the first time. But that attitude! That is the hard part, she will try to be the boss, no doubt about it.
I hope she outgrows it, and realizes you are the leader. She sounds like she is in excellent hands.
My filly had always beena sweet heart. We bought her mom, the seller swore she was not bred. But 5 or so months later we had Ally. I would have never bet she ever would try something like that. She has been handled since birth, not spoiled, but I did let her come into my space on her own. Mistake, I guess. She was always so respectful, and has gone back to being perfect again, lol. Do you want another one to start?? LOL!


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