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I got kicked in the stomach yesterday evening by my 3-year-old filly. I was going to spray her back with some fly spray while she was eating. Big mistake on my part, I should have known better. Nothing serious thank goodness, just very sore. I hate to think what could have been. No matter how well you know your horses, always use caution. :-)

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I know your right! Our 9 year old Damian got kicked about 3 weeks ago by his 2-year-old Walking horse twice in the elbow! He was standing next to her (like he always does) talking to my brother and with no warning, she just kicked and it broke his elbow in 3 places along with the growth plate. Dr. says his arm will grow,(if he dont fall on it or anything like that) but they were worried about it not growing when they done the x-rays. Talk about scary!
Oh my gosh, that is horrible!! The poor little guy. That is very scary. I know I will be more careful from now on. I hope and pray your little one won't have any problems with his arm. It is so easy to just trust our horses, especially when they haven't been a problem before!
Long time ago I was currying my off the track TB who I had for 8 years, he wasn't tied up but he very fast and precise backed me forceibly into the corner of the stall and double barreled me 3 times! I too only was very sore for a couple of weeks. You always should respect their size and power, even if you think you know your horse very well.
Absolutely Robin, and I SHOULDN'T have trusted this 3-year-old, she is a handful. You were very lucky, I can't even imagine.
I was grooming my new (4 years new) TB untied he was eating his hay and he kicked at me but only grazed my knee. Now whenever I do any thing to him he wll be either tied or on a lead rope.That was last week. That's the culprit in the photo.
He is a beauty! I love thoroughbreds. I will do the same from now on. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse!!
Dang, where did you get these Horses!! Never put fly spray on unless you got a halter and a lead rope on the horse. Then she is in control, and your her new boss. Saftey first Halters and lead rope on What ever you do. Lucy, McMinnville, TN.
Good advice Lucy, and I will do that from now on. I got too complacent with her, even though I know better than to trust her. She is nothing like her dam, who is my riding horse, or even her sire, who was ridden by an 84 year-old man. She is a wild child.
Your Prayers worked! Damian went to the Dr. today for a check up and everything is looking good!
That is great news!!!! I'm so glad to hear it!!
Personally, I try to never mess with my horses while they are eating. I wouldn't want to be messed with while I was eating, so I try to give them the same courtesy. Sometimes that isn't possible due to time constraints (getting ready for a ride, show, farrier visit, etc.) but I do prefer not to bug them at their feeding time. I came by this philosphy when I took some riding lessons a couple of years ago. I was using horses that didn't belong to me. My instructor asked me to get my ride for the day out of his stall and start grooming/tacking. When I went into his stall he was eating...and he gave me a look (with the earsflat!) that plainly said Get your butt out of my stall now! I did! My instructor insisted he wouldn't have done anything, but I was taking no chances!
You were smart to listen to your intuition!!


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