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Me and a friend are going to try to get a bunch of people together from school and go trail riding and we are thinking of going to the Yanahli trail. I had a few questions about it since we have never been there before.


-How well is the trail maintained, is it pretty clear? And how wide is the trail?

-How difficult is the trail? I'm not sure how good everyone rides that is going with us so I don't want to      get a trail that is too rough.

-How easy is it to follow the trail, I don't think any of us are familiar with it so I want to make sure we don't get lost lol. I have a map and it looks pretty simple but I want to make sure.


Any other information would be appreciated, thank you!

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Hey Alex, it is a nice trail when it is maintained. I was told that it has been recently bushhogged, so it should be good. It is not very difficult, though can be rocky in places. The trails run through woods, open fields, and dirt roads. So sometimes you can ride next to each other, but other places you will have to be single file. Follow the signs you should be fine. Have fun.
Thanks! :) I have another question that I forgot to ask. I need to be able to let everyone know how long we are going to be there, so does anyone know about how long the ride will take?
when is this ride and where is it?
We aren't sure when we are going to have it yet, right now we are just trying to get some info about the trail so we know if that's where we're going to ride. I don't have directions on how to get there but Yanahli is in Maury County.
Hay Alex, I'd be interested in possibly joining the group to ride at this trail. I can ride just about anytime. I ride quarter horses and a nice riding quarter-mule. I live close to Laurel Hill. Looking to meet new folks to go riding with. Vicki
Hi Alex, rode at Yanahli/Fountain Creek trail head yesterday. The trails have been mowed and are in pretty good shape. The only problem my be where people have made trails that are NOT part of the trail system, this can be confusing. It is about a 3 hr ride with a short break for lunch, you have opportunity to water horses twice, both the Duck River and Fountain Creek. Sometimes getting lost can be part of the fun, I love exploring...There are a couple of areas with rock, including starting out, but it is a very nice area with a diversity of terrain, good wide parking and easy to access. The sign on Hwy 50 says; Duck River Trail System. If you come from I-65 it is just after Fountain Creek, slow down for right turn. If you come from Columbia it is harder to see as the sign is hidden by a small hill until the last minute, so if you cross Fountain Creek you have to turn around. It is about a mile past Hwy 373 to Culleoka. Have fun!
you for sure want shoes on your horses... it is a nice ride..you will have to cross a small bridge on the road on the trail..it is only twenty or thirty feet long...its a nice little trail esp if its been cut where you ride in the fields..it is about 3 hrs long...have fun
At a walk, this trail can be completed in about 3 hours, I think it is 11 miles.
Yanahli is a good trail for beginners; it is fairly flat and even. There are a lot of rocky places though (you're in Middle Tennessee after all...cedars and limestone) It takes about 3 hours. Going to the river is fun. I would avoid where people hang out and drink beer on the river. It is where the road runs to it. My horse doesn't like floats, kayaks, or canoes. You can ride past that about 25 yards and go into the river beyond there. Have fun!
Sorry to bring up this old topic, but I have some more questions. We still haven't had our trail ride because I have been too busy. But now we're trying to plan it again. The Yanahli trail is for anyone to use right? I thought it was, but my stepdad wants me to make sure. Is there anyone I need to call before going out there? And do they close the trail at all throughout the year?
Anyone can ride the trail, and you do not have to ask anyone. They do not close the trail for hunting, but I would advise wearing an orange vest because the part that can be hunted is close by and other people's farms border the land. It always pays to be safe.
Actually you are required to wear hunter orange during season just like the hunters.


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