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we are planning a trip to seven springs lodge the last of june. can anyone give us ideas on which trails are "must see" or generally any good/bad info on the place...thanks

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Hi Audra, we went there once but did not stay. There is no shade in the camping area,the stables were in bad shape and there was some sort of turbine running nearby making a lot of noise. We didn't even unload our horses. We did have friends that rode there and liked the trails. Have you been to KC Ranch? Its just a little futher south. We've been there and loved it! Donnie Rosson
yes we have been to KC Ranch, we went there last year about may. we liked riding through the creeks and under the ledges .only problem,we felt like we rode it all in about one day. we rode it backwards the 2nd day and just explored and rerode the 3rd day.it was really really pretty though.... we thought that campground was pretty much wide open w/no available trees or shade,so im kinda wondering about 7 springs camping now.do you think the turbine sound was a grain bin running?i have been told by several people that they really liked the riding there @7 springs.we have a LQ trailer so i wonder if the trails are good enough there to just deal with the other? we were told we could use their tie lines instead of the stalls and there were a limited few sites with trees...can anybody confirm this? thanks for the info!!
Hi Audra,

I went to Seven Springs last year and really enjoyed it. We stayed in the grain bins, which were nice. We do not have a living quarters, but did see the camp area. I can tell you I do not think they have any have shade. The stalls were not the best in the world, but I have certainly seen worse. And the owner is the nicest person I have ever met. Very accomodating and willing to do anything to try and make your stay great. The trails were pretty and marked ok. We went in March and there was lots of water and plenty of rock formations. I do not care for hard riding and there was not anything there that frightened me (and I am a chicken!) I hope this helps and please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. I can tell you we do plan to go back. I did post a few pictures on here as well!

Happy Riding!

thanks angela
i wish i could figure out about the tie lines...the owner was very nice on the phone,very helpful also. we were just concearned with the shade/stall issue mostly,but sounds like we will be ok if the ridings that good. we like circle e trails. have yal rode there? we dont care for really open trails, mostly the scenic woodsy kind. and the lots of water sounds terrific for late june riding!....thanks again!
Hi Audra,

We went to 7 Springs in May...trying to get a ride together for sometime in July to go back. No...there is no shade in the campgrounds. There are turnouts if you prefer that over a stall...provided they are not all taken. They are in the process of adding "horsey" things to a deer camp....new trails, a new saloon being built in an Indian shelter. They have a small above the ground pool and a jacuzzi and a really nice pair of deer and a watusi (not sure about the spelling) cow. Bath's are in a silo...grain bin...and they were spotless. We rode the outer perimeter the first day...the inner trails the next and saved the closest trails for the last day. The rock formations are just outstanding...I can not even begin to describe "the wall" (*a must see!). Not what I would recommend for a novice rider...it seems every trail had a "little challenge" in it. Lots of Indian shelters. The people who own and run the place...Danny, the Dad and William, who is the son are just the best sort of folks...I have nothing but good things to say about 7 Springs...you can always plan a trip in cooler weather.
thanks for the info on seven springs...we are excited to go. we will be there june26-29th if anyone will be there also.we have been told there is lots of great scenery and great riding there so we had to go check it out!
Hi Audra:

We went to 7 Springs a few years ago. We really enjoyed our visit but it was October when we went so the treeless campgrounds weren't an issue. They are a hunting lodge so they are closed to horseback riders during deer and turkey season. As we drove down I65 the landscape kept getting flatter and flatter. We were pleasantly surprised their land is adjacent to Freedom Hills which has some scenery. A close drive away is the infamous Coondog Cememtery. You can also ride the horses there. It is a hoot. These people are serious about their coondogs.

I agree with everyone the owner is a friendly, down to earth person.

Let me know what you think of it. Give Doc a kiss from us.
hey donna. i will let you know about seven springs. its supposed to be so hot we should prob just stay home but we are hoping for some shade in the woods.figure if we ride early and come back to camp we can swim for awhile and maybe have a late afternoon ride. its gonna be weird for us cause we like riding 10-15 miles a day. we may end up going over to kc ranch since they have streams you can actually ride down thats part of the trail.guess we ll decide that after we have ridden 7 springs. as for doc, i think you should no im thinking of "possibly" selling him in the future. i really really dont want to cause he is so good and beautiful but i have 2 horses now and i have to decide between them eventually.we are beginning to get way to many around here. jeffrey has started riding doc pretty much everytime we ride. he has really been having fun on him,but he is wanting a colt to "finish out". i will definatly let yal know if i do sell him. it will definatly be a sad day for me.


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