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Please join us Saturday morning at 10am. Bring your lunch and drink, we will picnic on the trail. Ride will be about 4 hrs but can be adjusted if you need to ride back early (by yourself) or want a longer ride.
Call: Linda Grajewski 931-334-4399

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Ahh Linda...I sure wish I could go with you all today, but I am at work earning money for my horse habit! I can see the clear blue sky through the window...makes me ill to have to stay inside. Yall ride safe and have fun! FYI...I rode at Many Cedars with my old pad and had NO PAD slipping problems...lol So definitely a new Tacky Tack pad is in my future.
Great PWAT ride today at Williamsport. It is beautiful. We can't wait to go back. I did hit dirt today( soft dirt). Just as we crossed a creek and started riding on a strip of plowed ground my horse decided to stop- drop and roll! Luckily I wasn't hurt and everyone was nice and helpful. Thanks!
Loved the ride today Linda, Thanks for leading it and making me welcome. I had a lot of fun. Nice meeting everyone and hope to get to ride with you all again.


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