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No riding will be allowed during turkey hunts; April 3-6 and 16-19. You may ride all other days. April will be a great time to ride when the dogwoods and redbuds start blooming around the lakes it is spectacular!  We had a great time on Saturday. Lovely people and a lovely day! Hope more will join us on our next ride.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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I'd suggest going with someone who knows. There are signs and pink ribbons but as grass, weeds, etc. grow they will be more difficult to see. You go past the Natchez Trace area and it is on the right with signs leading to Williamsport Lakes. These are TWRA signs, brown, I think.
We rode at Williamsport Lake last weekend, I loved the trails and the beautiful scenery....but it was quite muddy through out the trails!!! I would definetly like to ride there again ,if anyone rides there ...please post on whether it is muddy or not!!!! Please!!!! Thank You,Audrey


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