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I live south of Lewisburg at exit 14. People are talking about Snake Creek and now Blue Creek. Are they Public or Private? Who, What, Where - Please!

Some have mentioned Fountain Creek. I take it that this is Duck River / Yanahli?

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I know Fountain Creek is Yanahli. I would like to know where Snake Creek and Blue Creek is also.
Fountain Creek is located on Hwy 50 between Lewisburg & Columbia. Snake Creek & Blue Creek are private.
So Snake Creek and Blue Creek are private like Why Not Ranch? Any one can pay to go and day ride? Where are they? What are the trails like? How many trails? Are they closed come hunting season?
snake creek was pay yearly in october and ride for the whole year. some things are going on with that land right now so i dont know what is going to happen when our permits expire there. blue creek is owned by a bunch of individuals and foxhunters. some of those people really dont like trail riders on their land. so you just cant take off and ride it . you pretty much have to be a land owner of blue creek property.it is not open to the public and you dont pay to ride it.pretty much must own land there.
Thanks for your reply Audra


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