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My husband is looking for a new place to go riding. We usually just go to Snake Creek or Fountain Creek, we are tired of both. My nephew is going too and he loved it when we went on a benefit ride and you didn't know what to expect next, so we need somewhere new and fun. My brother's horse is barefoot, and he wants to go, so we would like somewhere where he can ride if possible. We live in Lewisburg and my husband doesn't want to travel a long way for a one day ride. Thanks for all your help! Happy Trails :-)

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Check out the events page!
Cades Cove is just outside Knoxville, in Maryville. There is alot of wildlife around there tho. You should ride in a group of three or more there. I have seen too many black bear there to feel comfortable. Also there will be lots of tourists around. I think I have more fear of the suburban family in the suburban than the bears!!!
without any qualifications as to preferred region, my pickof the best trail ride would be the mining roads and hiking/horse trails in the mountains around Ouray Colorado in July. Flowers plentiful and gorgous, streams rushing, views awesome. Temperature cool. I've been there with a 4x4 vehicle and drove as far as the road went, then hiked to the top. Mt Sneffles.
Gotta go back with a horse someday. Theres a yearly cowboy campmeetin with daily trail ridin just over the hill from Ouray in July, wanted to go this year but wasn't ready. Maybe next year.
Would this interest you?

We also just have camping, and riding is free in Big South Fork, 125,00 acres, 200 miles of trail.


9,10,11, & 12,


Ride 4 days, camp 3 nights in the 125,000 acre area known as
Ride with us through the forests and river valleys of the Cumberland Plateau. Bring your horse to ride, and your gear to load in our trailer, and it will be at camp when you get there after 6-8 hours of riding each day. Cover 4 counties, in 2 states, and about 80 miles of trail. Ride to a different camp each night, all your gear will be hauled, while you ride. Enjoy hours of riding through majestic hardwood forests, and along the Big South Fork River, ride into camp to find a hearty meal on the fire, and your favorite beverage in your cooler. Sit back and relax, while you hear tales of the area, and the history.
Lunch on the trail all 4 days, 3 hot dinners and 3 hot breakfast at camp, and hay for your horse provided.

This trip is designed to let you ride and enjoy the area, without having to do the work involved in packing and camping for 4 days. Let us do the work, and the cooking. Trail lunches are not much to brag on, sandwiches and chips, cold drink and snack cakes, but a hot supper when you ride into camp can’t be beat. Friday night will be New York Strip steak, baked potatoes, and whatever else Teresa comes up with, I know there will be a cobbler in the Dutch Oven! Saturday night we’ll be at Bear Creek Horses camp, and will chow down on Ed’s pulled pork barbecue. Sunday night will find us down along the river at Station Camp crossing, where we’ll have a HUGE pot of home made chili to fill your belly, and warm your insides for sleeping. Each morning wake to the smell of fresh camp coffee, bacon or sausage, and eggs

The ride leaves Saddle Valley early Friday morning, and rides through the park, along the Big South Fork, up out of the gorge at Big Island, to camp along Laurel Ridge Trail in Kentucky the first night. This is about a 22 mile ride the first day, and we will not “dally around”, it takes all day to make the first campsite, but it will be worth it! The pictures on the overnight trail ride page is our campsite the first night. Saturday after breakfast, we ride north along Laurel Ridge across Stepping Rock to Dick Gap overlook, and back down into the gorge at Blue Heron where we will stop for lunch, and explore the mining operations of days gone by. From Blue Heron, we’ll ride south along the river for a while, and then head up to Bear Creek horse camp. The hot showers and indoor plumbing will be a taste of the civilization we left behind 2 days ago. Sunday takes us south along the river to Station Camp Crossing, where we’ll spend our last night. It’s kind of chilly by the river at night, so be sure to pack your warm PJs. Monday, we’ll cross the river, head up “the horse ladder” and along Fork Ridge to Black House Branch, where we’ll turn and head for Bandy Creek for lunch, and then back to Saddle Valley.

At camp each night, we’ll be treated to visitors who will sit and tell us stories from the past about the area, the people, and the country that is The Big South Fork. Park Rangers, Long Hunters, gun smiths and Native Americans will be on our guest list, a lesson in history you will not want to miss.

Saddle Valley Campground
Jamestown Tn
$300.00 per rider


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