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My husband is looking for a new place to go riding. We usually just go to Snake Creek or Fountain Creek, we are tired of both. My nephew is going too and he loved it when we went on a benefit ride and you didn't know what to expect next, so we need somewhere new and fun. My brother's horse is barefoot, and he wants to go, so we would like somewhere where he can ride if possible. We live in Lewisburg and my husband doesn't want to travel a long way for a one day ride. Thanks for all your help! Happy Trails :-)

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Laurel Hill in Lawrence Co. is one of the most beautiful areas anywhere. Depending on where you live it could be and hour or more to get there. Go to the TWRA website and follow the maps link to gps maps for region II. You will find the maps there. They are having a benefit there this Sat. It is posted on the blog site so you would have a guide.
Blessings, Linda
Whynot ranch isn't far fram ya is it? just the other side of Columbia. http://whynotranch.com/
My friend Lynn lives in Lewisburg, and she rides with us at Normandy. I don't know how long it takes her, but she must think it's worth the drive! It is our favorite place! We used to ride at Snake Creek all the time when we lived in Spring Hill (we moved to Bradyville 3 years ago). I loved Snake Creek!!! And I miss it!
I don't know about taking a barefoot horse to Normandy, but if the horse is used to it, he should be fine. My friend Glenda has taken horses there with just front shoes and had no trouble....but there IS a lot of rock. Lynn is a member of you posse......ask her about Normandy! She can tell you how far it is. Also, if you've ridden Fountain Creek, have you been to Blue Creek? We used to ride there too...but I know the foxhunter people lease it and ride on Saturdays.
We live in Lewisburg and have been to Fountain Creek. Where is Snake Creek? We have never been there.

We have never been to Blue Creek either. Is it close to Lewisburg?

Thankyou for the information.

Linda Ferree
Hey Leslie,where do you ride around Bradyville? I live in M'boro off Bradyville Pike
We are having a TTR trail ride at Why Not this weekend...come on over and ride with a group! I think Saturday we'll probably start around 9? Check the event page. Happy Trails!
If your looking for someplace new and want to enjoy beautiful trails scenery and some history, Saultopaul Stables we have almost 1200 acres and well marked clean trails. and may be what your looking for. We are right outside Chattanooga on 193 {off of the Broad St exit}. We do have capmsites for overnight stays. Come check out our website We'd be happy to have you come ride with us.
What about Percy Warner Park south of Nashville. It's not really all that far and a nice place to ride from what I hear.......been wanting to go there all year.
Percy Warner is nice. Wide trails with some easy hills. Nothing too difficult. It has good parking and nice restrooms!
try Circle E Guest ranch
Cades Cove is a realy nice place to ride!! The trails are FOR ANY TYPE HORSE/RIDER FROM EASY TO YOU BETTER HAVE A REALY GOOD HORSE IN SHAPE :), and plus the view is AMAZEING!!!
Hey Stephanie, where is Cades Cove? We have been riding Why Not and Many Cedars this summer and I want to try some new places. Circle E is on my list (among others) but I don't know where Cades Cove is. Thanks for info!


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