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For the past two days we have averaged one new member for each hour that I have spent wine tasting. So I figure, if I keep visiting the wineries and sampling wine there's no telling how big this website can get! <|;-)

Cheers and happy trails,

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They say wine gets better with age. I hope I do the same.
I'm sure you have, at least relative to your knowledge of horses.
I am just looking for some new friends to go trail riding here in the near future.
You have to keep checking out that competition!! lol I need to go check out some of the wineries soon. If I could just pry myself away from the horses. Maybe when it gets too hot again I'll do that.
I love visiting wineries in fact I went to Equus Run a couple weeks ago. I bought a Cabernet Sauvignon the 135th
Kentucky Derby wine. My husband and I travel on our Harley to different wineries. Also went to San Fran few
years ago all I can say is WOW stopped at most of them my fav was Gloria Ferrari vineyard. My boss gave me
a bottle of wine for 25 years of employment 1990 Hermitage La Chapelle (Paul Jaboulet Aine) how about that?
where is your winery and is it open to the public?
Jess Jackson knows a thing or two about wines(Kendall-Jackson) and horses to boot! Curlin and the big girl Rachael Alexandra! Oh yeah they are going to be married in Feburary. What a baby that's going to be. Name a wine after that foal.
We will be coming from NE to TN next week. If you don't stop getting all of that rain, so we can ride, we will be looking for wineries to pass the time.
www.highlandmanorwinery.net Jamestown, TN

This winery is located less than a mile from East Fork Stables !

www.catoosaridgestables.com is having their "Grand Opening" today and there will be wine tasting and a BBQ !

Happy Trails
Thanks Stephanie. Highland Manor looks like a good possibility since we will be up at Saddle Valley. Looks like they are having an event with music on the 26th. Might have to try to make that.
Just back from three great weeks riding in KY, TN, IL. We took in the Highland Manor Harvest Festival on 9/26. The rain moved the band inside but it was great. The wine was good also. We enjoyed our trip to your area from NE. The hospitality was wonderful. We had great riding. We will be back.


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