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Ask me any questions about her.... No one seems to agree on a colour!

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Here are my guesses....if she were a TWH, I think they'd consider her to be chestnut with black points, if she is a rocky, she'd be chocolate. But one this is for sure regardless of registration...she's brown! :-)
Go to the TWHBEA website and search for the color chart. They have a color chart that you can download as a pdf. I personally can't keep colors straight. Hope this helps you some.
I found out you could upload files so I uploaded the color chart from TWHBEA for you. Hope this helps you.
Since I don't see any mottled skin around the muzzle, eyes, etc. you can rule out Classic Champagne. There is a color just called "brown". Also, since this appears to be in the summer, and if this is a much lighter version of the horse's winter color, it could qualify as bay or black. I've had blacks that faded to almost buckskin color in the TX sun! Bays come in many hues. Real helpful, huh!
Pulled from a color site: thought it was similar color.. but what do I know. I can spot black, dun, buckskin and bay.. I know those for sure without a color chart!! LOL!!

Champagne is another dilution gene that acts on the base color of a horse to produce a lighter color. It is a dominant gene, so one or two genes have the same affect, and a horse must have a champagne parent to be a champagne. The champagne gene dilutes red pigment to a yellow color, and black pigment to a chocolate grayish color that is sometimes mistaken for grulla.

Champagnes are often metallic in color, with a shiny coat. For this reason they are sometimes difficult to photograph. Other horses may have a metallic coat, too, and not all champagnes exhibit the brilliant sheen.

Champagnes also have freckled skin. Their skin is a pinkish color-- sometimes called pumpkin skin-- but it is not as light as the "normal" pink seen on horses with white markings. It also contains darker freckles.

The eyes of a champagne horse are lighter than other horses. When a foal is born, the eyes are often blue, then darken to green, and finally to a golden amber, green, or hazel color.

Champagne on a black is called "Classic Champagne". The color is sometimes confused for grullo (black + dun) and in the past was sometimes called "lilac dun".
We have 2 Amber Champagne TWH. They are often confused with Buckskins, and one guy called Soldier a Dun. They have the metallic shine and chocolate manes/tails. Ours stay out, so the mane/tail get a little reddish on top.
Here is Soldier at Many Cedars and Faith modeling her turquoise.
2 things why I dont think she is a Bay-
- "highlights" in her mane and tail all year round,
-and the dappling on her back end (not celulite lol) thats kind of like the dappling you get in silver horses (chocolate)

In the winter she looks like a very light Bay- almost buckskin, her winter coat is totally different!

classic champagne is a possibilty, or smokey black- (black with one cream dilution) although in the smokey black i dont see descriptions on the points, so im not sure. classic champagne seems a better fit. But what about those dapples?
what about amber champagne? I rule that out, since she does not have pink skin.

what about the silver dilution? I found one website that said silver affects the black pigment, mostly affecting the mane and tail. she obviously has a very dark mane and tail for a silver horse, but i have found that one website say a silver horse does not always have the flaxen mane and tail. if we didnt have to take into account the mane and tail, I would say she was a silver dilution on a Black horse. since a bay with silver appears chestnut with dark points and flaxen mane and tail. She does not appear chestnut.....

So genetically there seem to be many possibilities for her colour! I will just have to get her colour tested I think!
If those are dapples on her hind end, as a quarter horse person, I might consider her a smutty buckskin. She does appear to have dark points on legs and dark mane and tail. Hard to tell if she is slightly cream or silver from the picture.
Oh yeah, forgot about the smutty one!

I remember reading up on that a while ago. You are right that is also a possibility.
does the winter coat tell you anything about the horses genetic colour too? Since her winter coat is very different!
does she have black points in her ears? I so she is a buckskin.
I had a smutty buckskin, she was quite similar. In the winter she looked like a donkey, but in the summer she became a swan. She had a lot more golden highlights. Check for those black points at her ear tips. I also presume that her legs are black, just particial down.


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