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Ask me any questions about her.... No one seems to agree on a colour!

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Really? That's interesting. I had read about smutty buckskins but I didn't realise they could be so dark. Her legs are black in the summer, but her mane and tail always have those highlights in them. In the winter she grows a really long coat that fades out very fast...Giving her chocolaty brown legs and quite a pale body! I must post a pic, she looks awful in her winter coat, compared to how she looks in the spring!!

Its kind of hard to tell what colour she is in her ears!!
I have a friend who has a AQHA horse who is considered a Smutty Buckskin, he is a lot darker than this one more towards the black side not brown like this one.
I wish I knew! She is a rescue, the prev owner just said she was a TWH. Non registered so really.. it's anyones guess. She is gaited, when she feels like it!
If you really want to know you can pull some hair and send to 2 or 3 different labs for color testing- price depending on how may colors you ask to have checked. Let me know if you want me to look up the links for you, I think one I've heard does a good job is PetDNA. She is pretty no matter what color she is!
Thanks, I think I might get a test done, just out of curiosity!
It is fun though, learning about colour genetics, and trying to identify which one she might be.

I do need to work out what genes to test her for though. More research to be done I think!
The picture is so distorted it is hard to tell, but she sort of looks like a grulla stallion that is at my barn, except he has a black mane and tail, with black points. Your horse looks like she has brown in her tail.
Sorry! I thought the pic showed her colour quite well.

She is not a dun, she does not have any primal markings- At least those are cut and dry and easy to identify!
Being a quarter horse person and also an avid buckskin fan, I would call that a gruella. But only if she has a dorsal stripe. Also, Is each hair 2 colors? She is very pretty. I would love to see a cross with her and a champagne .
No, she is not a Grulla! she doesnt have any of the primal markings- no dorsal stripes, leg stripes shoulder stripes etc.

Each hair can be 2 colours sometimes. depends on the time of year! :)
Go to " champagne connection", 2nd page, 3rd or 4th horse down. That appears to be the color of your pretty mare. Very interesting site.
what is champagne connection, and how do i find it? I tried google and found something that was titled "the champagne connection" but it was not the name of the website, and there were only 2 pages about champagne horses....


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