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Wanted: Riding partner's during the week, that ride mules nice and easy....I have a green mule that needs wet saddle pads. Need riding buddies that will go slow and easy, till I get my mule going good. If you are understanding ,patient and ride safely....email me @: audrey.rody@Hotmail.com     Thank you!!!

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Where do you live -- with my luck, probably too far away.

Columbia, Tennessee on Hwy 431.....where do you live?

Chattanooga, TN -- way too far for a day ride.  Too bad as I am looking for trail riding partners.

OhMan! I really need more riding buddies during the week. Thanks for responding!

Hey Audra, My mule rides some what slow, he only has a quarter Tennessee Walker in him, maybe we can ride together coming up. He rides real confident, might help Jewel become confident too.

That would be great Marsha,  I need to put a lot of miles on her. Just let me know when you wanna go riding!!! Thanks!


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