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A few local cowboys advertised the start of cattle drives here in Middle TN, the response and excitement was amazing. Unfortunately some legal issues got in the way and the planned cattle drives were cancelled.  Does anyone else have interest in creating such an event, of course you gotta have the cattle and the land...we will help advertise here on TTR, might even be able to find a couple local cowboys who'll help out, and there's lots of local artists who would lead one heck of a campfire song....



The night was sprinklin' twinklin' stars
in clusters 'cross the sky...
and down below a cowboy lay,
sick....about to die.
The sky above, the earth below...
was foggy and obscured;
 but in the cowboy's feverish dream,
a distant voice was heard,

"Heaven, maybe...hell, perhaps",
declared a distant voice.
"I've weighed the good and bad in you;
and heaven- that's my choice."
Though racked with pain and fever,
the cowboy hadn't died.
Fighting through the fog, the man,
with heavy heart, replied,
"If it's all the same with you,
I like it fine down here.
I'd like t' ride the range again
and rope some racin' steer.

"I like it fine down here, oh Lord!
It ain't for me up there.
I'd miss the crisp Dakota winds
a' rakin' through my hair.
I'd miss the cowboys' laughter,
their good-natured bunkhouse brawls;
the ridin' herd on moonlit nights
and hearin' cattle bawl.
The cowboys down at Caseys,
and a mug a Casey's beer.....
I'd miss 'em! Lord, I'd miss 'em!
I'd like t' stay right here!

"I'd miss ole Cookie's coffee.
I'd even miss his beans.
I'd even miss my worn out boots
and dirty, beat-up jeans.
The mountain mists at mornin',
and the roarin' waterfall,
the thunder and the lightenin'
of the sudden summer squall....
dear Lord, I know I'd miss 'em.
But what I'd miss most of all,
are the roundups in the springtime
and the cattle drives each fall.

Pain be damned! The cowboy climbed
a mountain cliff all night;
stumblin' every now and then,
but always clutchin' tight.
When the cowboy reached the crest,
his fiery fever  broke;
and in his bedroll on the range,
at daybreak, he awoke.
Never did just wakin'-up
seem such a splendid treat...
not a gray cloud anywhere...
just blue skies, sunshine-sweet.
"Heaven, maybe...Hell, perhaps..."
still echoed in his ear;
and once again the cowboy said,
"I like it fine down here.!"


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I'm all for it, I was going to attend one at the JR Ranch later in the year. Disappointed they are canceled. Any chance of the liability issues being worked out. That's what lawyers and insurance companies get you.
I don't think things will be worked out at that farm, that's why we are looking for someone else to host it, someone who has the land and cattle to put on a cattle drive a few times a year.


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