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I board my horse at a stable that doesn't have electric outlets by the stalls for heated water buckets. Is there anything I can do to keep his water buckets from freezing? Thanks for any suggestions as I'm desperate!

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I'm hiring a licensed electrician as I know zip about electricity except to have great respect for it! I used heated buckets at my own farm in NC and had great luck with them. Like you, I did unplug when I turned them out. The electrician is going by the barn today and said he would call tonight with cost. Due to the weather coming I think I'll go to Lowe's and pick up the underlay foam that you suggested (if the electrician can't do the job right away). Anyway, thanks for the great info - it's exactly what I was looking for!
In addition to this you can get a car tire and fill it with hay or other material to insulate. Then you place the bucket inside the center.


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