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Anyone know of other Riverfront campgrounds besides Many Cedars & Buffalo River Trail Ride Within about 2-3 hours of Nashville?  Thanks!

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Buffalo River Resort, Lobelville, Tn.

4 miles south of I-40 on hwy. 13 exit 143


They have horse trails, cabins, parking with electric and water and all kinds of water fun. Canoes, rafts, kayaks...

Note...this is not the same as Buffalo river trailride, that's an entirely different place.

thanks...that the one right off hwy 13? If so didn't really look like a horse place and it was right off a main highway..

Yes, that's it. They have trails all back in behind there. I have ridden there several times, it's just a few miles from my house. I think you have to picket your horses, don't think they have built any stalls yet. The places for horse trailers are up in that hollow away from the river activities. I think you can camp on the river bank but I don't know if they allow horses down there.

thanks appreciate it.. know of any other places?

No, not on the river.


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