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Hi guys,


im in search of a beginner safe trail horse - would like gaited but open to all as long as it is safe! im a more timid novice rider. need something stout to hold my weight. $1000 or less. Please message me if you have something! A GREAT home will be given!

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Hi Amy---I have what I think is the perfect trailhorse for a timid or disabled rider.  When I want to feel safe and totally secure Blackjack is the one I ride.  He's about 15h and around 9 yrs. old.  I took him in trade several years ago from a man who had used him as a guest horse for beginner riders out on trail.  I've given lessons to the elderly and children on him and can tell you many instances of his suitability for a timid rider.  I, myself, am a timid rider with multiple disabilities and have always felt confident and comfortable on his back.  I've ridden him with other horses and out alone on Short Mountain in Cannon Co. and on other rugged mountain trails  He is easily caught, loads well, and behaves well for the farrier.  He's not a nervous or spookie horse, but one who loves people and attention.  I live in Sparta (White Co.) and would be happy to have you take a look at him to check him out.  He'salso comfortable with road riding and is gaited.  He will walk along quietly and take his time if that is what you want to do.  I think that we'll have no problem working with your budget.  931-761-2131   or Verizon 931-607-2210   I'm home most all the time.  (I have 13 other horses and most all of them are for sale)  Good luck with your search and we hope to hear from you.
I ' ve got the horse you need . I have owned him for 10 yrs. . I will guarentee you will be happy with him. Don't let the price scare you away, we might be able to work something out.    http://nashville.craigslist.org/grd/2678327450.html    


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