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URGENT!!! TWRA FEE for Trail Riders at Yanahli, Williamsport Lakes and Laurel Hill

TWRA is proposing a usage fee for horses. I myself believe it is right for us to pay our fair share and buy a hunting license each year for around $30. But, as we understand the proposal they are lumping horses in with high impact use and the fees would be: $30/day for out of state and $75/year for in state. This will have a negative impact on tourism and hurt our Seniors and families with children. Please contact your representatives and let them hear your needs and concerns. We are asking them to help establish a fair and reasonable fee. The vote is scheduled  for January!

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TWRA fee proposal passed and goes into effect July 1st. Instate will be $55/yr. That is a hunting license and WMA permit. Under 13 free, 13-16 is reduced and 65+ buys the one time hunting license but still purchase the WMA permit each year. I think these fees are fair but not the out of state. It is $233/yr or $37.50 per day. I don't think there will be many willing to do that. They will ride in other states or locations.


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