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Joe went on a trail ride this past weekend.  All the scabs from the saddle that stayed on him finally came off his back and the wound behind his front leg from the breast collar healed long ago.  He has gained lots of the weight back that he lost, also.  He was found Thanksgiving weekend and took the saddle without batting an eye.   Pam rode  him back out in the forest not far from where he spent 3 1/2 weeks lost in full tack.  She said he gaited like a dream even after so much time off. 

Just wanted to share the good news that Joe Dirt is BACK! 

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so glad, I heard of this story via a bb I read, and was absolutely amazed and thrilled that he was found and returned home.  Good to know he's riding ok too!
Thanks.  It really is amazing.  I put a video on here that tells the whole story.  Almost the entire story from his discovery to bringing him out was documented with video & pictures.  I just put them together.   Joe Dirt's Story.
Wow, poor guy. I am so glad he was found!
I am so glad you found him. God love him!


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