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Please flood them with calls...931-762-5749 Laurel Hill and 800-624-7406 Region II office

Let your voice be heard about the trails at Laurel Hill being closed from Sept 1- Jan 1.  We have shared them with the hunters in the past and have had posted close dates. This has worked well and should not be changed. Call your state reps and elected officials also....

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I left a pleasant voice mail at each number first thing this morning with my name and phone # and have not heard back from either office. 


As of now the trails are open again and will be closed only during scheduled hunts as in the past. DeeCee Neeley and Jerry Henson are working with Cindy Bryant on getting us organized...I will be leaving next week for the Reservation and will not be back until Oct. 3rd. Everyone needs to get involved! Let your elected officials know how important it is to you and the economy of TN to have these trails available...also we are going to buy hunting/fishing license.

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