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My Husband and I have ridden from Walter Hill to East Fork and also the outside loop at East

Fork across from the West Fork boat ramp. We see on the Map where there is supposed to be a

Traihead at Nice's Mill but have been unable to locate it. We were hoping to ride from there

towards East Fork but we don't know if it's still intact. Could anyone shed some light on it.

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connie there is a trail head at nices mill but it is not used that much. we ride from eastfork boat ramp to a crossing that is below nices mill and back to eastfork it is about 8miles one way if you dont know the short cuts.we ride there about every weekend either towards walterhill or nices mill

We will probably be at east fork this saturday, maybe we will see you. Black 2 horse, Green 2500 Dodge,

Thanks for the info.

We used to ride the Twin Forks trail all the time before we moved to Big South Fork. We were even involved in making a map, worked with the Corps of Engineers to clean up the trail, and was in good shape, but that was 12 years ago. There is no good trailer parking at Nice Mill, as a matter of fact, I got a ticket for parking there once, I took it to the resource manager, and he dismissed it, because there is supposed to be a trail head there. The best parking is at East Fork boat ramp, but you can park at the bridge at Walter Hill, If you ride around the edges of the soybean fields, you used to be able to follow the trails along the river, there is one big hill you can ride up , and see the Nissan plant. Its a great place to ride, because there are places to explore, and I love riding along the river. That's one of the things we love about Big South Fork, you can ride along the Big South Fork River, and North White Oak Creek for miles and miles. If you get to this area, look us up, at www.saddlevalleycampground.com

Ed thanks for the reply, We rode from East Fork toward Nice Mill  about 8 miles until we came to the River

but the water was moving pretty fast and we didn't cross, We did go to Nice mill and walk back to the same point on the other side. It wasn't very far from that side to the river. We may cross when the waters down but we were unable to see what type of bottom was there.



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