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One of my clients has a beautiful TWH that needs a home. Desperately. And soon.

He's a 4 YO, untrained TWH. Beautiful about 15 hands, black with a white star and a big white snip on his nose. Super cute face. He's inquisitive, but nervous. However, he's also pushy and wants it "his way". The woman who has him, in her best efforts, is not a "horsewoman" and as his health improves, he's getting to be a big handful. She got him out of a situation where another giant horse wouldn't let him eat, and he had gotten very skinny and starved. He's much fatter now (although he's still skinny, not nearly like he was.....), and with that he's gotten sassier. I tried to trim his feet today, and he'd have none of it and would just run circles around us. I decided to try a bit of ground work to get his attention, which I did get, but it wasn't nearly enough and I ended up twitching him, and that did the trick. It may take a few days or weeks of someone really sticking to it to completely convince him he's not the boss. He just wasn't going to give in in 10 minutes of ground work, sadly (sometimes they do.....). However, when I was working him he got angry that someone was actually *telling* him to do something, lol (imagine that??), and started to try to bite and let out a few heel kicks and a few half rears. This didn't surprise me, given the fact that he felt he should be in charge (and probably has been!), but it told me that he needs someone firm, who can handle that behaviour.

This woman just wanted to get him fattened up, and on to a new permament home. She's getting his feet corrected. But he really needs someone who can work with him.

I feel like this could be a REALLY fun great horse for the right person. He is not confident, he needs a leader, as he was looking for his horse buddy while he was doing circles and ignoring us. He needs someone who will guide him, can train him, and can handle his current attitude and give him an adjustment, lol. She said she will GIVE him to this person! I think with some training, this could be a fantastic ride and a fun horse. If anyone knows of someone competent to train a horse like this who would be interested, let me know. Even if they intend to resell him, that would be fine, as he would have a head start in the world if he knows how to behave.

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Nora, I have a friend who is a trainer and is moving here from Wisconsin.  She signed up on TTR but can't reply as of yet to your discussion.  Her name is Sarah Slaughter and she can be reached at (931)380-0461.  She is interested in this horse and is quite capable of doing the training.  Thanks for passing the information along!

Great!!!    I'll try to call her, but if she wants to call me, my number is 931-510-5726.     I have company right now so I may get distracted and it may take me a few days.     Thank you!!!!!
I have a friend in Ethridge near Laurel Hill. He has two now he rescued and they are doing great. We have taken them both out on the trail the past couple of weeks. I am meeting him this afternoon and will ask if he is interested and let you know later today.

Hi, Im Sara! As Pat says Im moving to the area, and love to work on hard to train horses like this! Im going to be looking for one to be a personal horse as Im having to leave some of mine behind in our move. (comming from WI !!)

Id love to talk to you more about your guy here! If I can get the cell from my hubby long enough I'll call ya or you can email me for more info.


I help horses deal with insecurities and fears, training them to learn to think and not react. I help riders learn to be more intune with their horses behavior, realizing each horse is an individual and not a carbon copy.




Hi Sara!    I talked to Linda's friend on Friday eve, and I think he's taking him.  But I'll call the owner and make sure he's called her, and if anything has changed, I will definately get you her number.

Interesting reading her post! Im also moving to Ethridge!

Okay, thats fine, also checking with the mustang rescue center to see if they have any hard cases to rehome too... seeing they had a huge herd come in..



Welcome to TN! If you love trail riding this is the place to live. Also you will be close to one of the very best places to ride, Laurel Hill. My friend, Gerald is supposed to pick up the horse on Tuesday.
Oh I'm so happy!      You'll have to keep us all posted on his progress :).
Gerald has a really good way with horses. In fact he has a really nice 7 yr old mare for sell that he rescued and trained. Registered TN Walker and good for an older kid or new woman rider. She seems very calm and steady on the trail. He rode her Saturday on the big ride and she did great.
He sounded like it, talking to him on the phone.      Sherry is so happy, lol..... Gerald is suppossed to come today and get him.
Sara?    If you're interested in untrained TWH's, I have another client with a 3 yo who she keeps hinting that she may sell.    I'll see her today, and I'll ask her about him.   He is not gelded yet, but is a fun boy who currently gets away with murder.    She thinks he's going ot be too small for her, she wants a huge horse.    He may be lucky to get up to 14.2 (which I think is the perfect size, lol).     He has a white blaze, is black, and also needs a job.    I have no idea what she woud ask for him or I he's even for sale, but I'll ask.     I think you'd love him as a trail partner.   He's also in Crossville.


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