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I need to find a home for Easy...a 9 year old black walker. No one, including UT Knoxville vet school, can figure out the cause of his lameness. He runs and gates in the field but then skips with his hind legs. He has had a large dose of bute interveniously and still showed lame which the vets tell me means it's not a pain issue. He has had every part of his back right leg blocked repeatedly, including his sacroilliac and had a bone scan and sonigrams. so, I just want to find a nice pasture home for him. He's barefoot and has great manners. If you know of a place, please send me a note!

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He has been on a nerve medication for the past 3 weeks to try and determine if the problem is a pinched nerve. when he is excited, he gates and lopes smoothly, as soon as he relaxes, if he is gaiting, it seems like he throws in an extra step occasionally with his back leg. He lopes off smoothly with the left lead but not with the right. when walking slowly, he sometimes seems to get confused on how far to step with the hind right...sometimes he takes a little hop step and some times he will take an extra long step. The UT doc said he could feel a difference in the inner muscles of his back legs...one felt more like iron than like a rubber band. since he's 9 years old, I don't think growth would be an issue. thank you for your thoughtful reply.
this was a retired rutherford County mounted patrol horse...we had him for less than a year when he started going lame and has been going lame for the past year. I've gone very far to try and find what is going on with him. I'm trying to find a place where he can be a horse. there are many people who have horses that they never ride. I'm not asking for someone to take him who does not want him. He's been a service horse and I want what's best for him...and yes, we've considered putting him down...but would love to find someone who is looking for a pasture pet...could be wishful thinking, but it seems there are people in this world who love to look at horses without ever riding them. Consider that this is one of two horses that are our first horses and you hopefully will understand how emotional a decision this is.
good news! After a year of going more an d more lame, Easy has turned the corner! He was on Gabapentin for 3 weeks and now he is able to carry me at a walk and at a slow gait. I've got him on an exercise program to bring him slowly back into shape. We shall hope for the best when we start picking up the pace later. I am just so happy now!
no official known cause... possibly nerve related///pinched or compromised or possibly a torn muscle... no one is willing to say definitively think they would have to do an mri of the area between his back legs to confirm and we're just not going to do that. As long as he continues to get better, we'll be keeping him. If the walk and slow gait are as good as he gets, we'll probably donate him to Saddle Up or a similar program...putting handicapped kids on horses. They take excellent care of the horses and are looking for good quiet horses like Easy. Pretty much all they want of the horse is to walk or gait slowly.
Oh I hope he continues to improve. If you donate him, make sure it is with a reputable program. I had an awful experience with a "program". Even though it was a big name stable, I was shocked with what happened to a horse I donated. We had to pick him up and have him euthanized, in the end.
so sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I have personally worked as a volunteer at Saddle Up and know what great care they take of the horses if they are accepted into their program.


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